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So yesterday and today were just plain crappy. First off, Sunday my mom decided to take all of us girls shopping. I'm thinking "awesome I can buy some new shoes" but go figure, we get to Lakeside and I start to feel really sick. So I wasn't in the best mood to shop or anything. Then we go to Shake N' Shake for lunch and my stomach starts to hurt more than anything. So mom drops me off at home and I miss a great day of shopping. The only good thing was that I got to go to JoAnns for patterns.
Last night I was up the whole night. There's this sharp pain right across my stomach (still there actually) and I couldn't sleep. Let's just say I didn't get any sleep and I was in so much pain my mom wanted to take me to the hospital. But don't you think that's scary? I definatly didn't want to go. So I stayed up until about 7. I think I fell asleep for about an hour. I don't think I got more than 4 hours of sleep all day today. It sucks. But I did get some popsicles from my mom. They are so good.
Well right now, I feel way better than I did last night. My stomach and head hurts but it's good compared to before. My mom says she thinks I have the flu. I'm not sure if I'll be in school tomorrow and I might have to miss Inside MSU on Wednesday. That would suck. I want to go to that really bad.

Ok... I'm so bored and tired. I wish I could hang out with someone or do something. Of course writing in this journal and just staying on the computer is keeping my mind off the pain a bit. Thats good. It just sucks feeling like this. I just want to get better. Thats all.

Alright, so this entry was just about me being sick, how fun!!

I'm done
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