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Wow, is she really updating????

I thought it was about time to update. I'm tired and I should probably go to bed soon, but it's only about 9:45 so my mentality is that I can't. But today seemed so long, I think it wore me out. School was long, as usual, but I did accomplish something! I got Melissa a date for Cinderella! Go me. lol I convinced Jeremy to go with her. But now he has to sing her Gravity any time she wants. That's funny. So I guess that means I am for sure going. Now all I gotta do is make my dress. But that won't be too hard. I just hope it turns out alright. I'll get my mom to help me.

I also had to go to the NHS inductions ceremony tonight. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I got to wear the cute skirt I made, and if I do say so myself, I looked pretty darn good in it!! lol But it was nice, I got to hang out with people and I had fun. But it wore me out, walking around in those heels all night!! WOW at least mine weren't as bad as Melissa's lol

So you want an update on my life??? Well, we're in a new semester and I've got some decent classes. I have a sewing class (YAY) and I'm excited for upcoming projects. I have a feeling I'm gonna like that class very much.
I'm also a student aide for Mrs. Doster, and surprisingly, I like helping her out. She always has something for me to do. It's not so bad though.

What else, oh yes. Lots of hanging out with people, and hockey games. FUN!! Lots of sewing too. Pajamas, skirts, dresses, I'm on a roll!!

Oh get this. I think it is so incredible. My brother, who's in the Air Force, is gonna solo this week on a training fighter jet. That is just unbelievable. It kinda makes me want to fly planes too (which is also what my dad wants me to do :) lol). I'm so proud of him. He's such an accomplished young man!! I do miss him but I know he's having fun in Oklahoma.
I just thought I'd sneak that in there cause it's cool.

And a special congrats to those who made the spring musical (especially Jeremy)
Ok, that's all I can think about at this point in time!!

The End!!
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