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I've got nothing to do right now. So I'll fill up my time by updating.

Yesterday I got really bored cause I was putting off my homework till the last minute (like always). So I went up to my room, looked in my mirror and decided I needed a little change. Can you guess what I did??? Yup, I cut my hair. It's not drastic, just a slight difference. It's like a face frame now. But to my surprise, it doesn't look bad at all. Just new, which is what I wanted. And now I'm scissor happy cause I feel like I want to put some layers in now lol. We''l see what happens!!!

Then I came down here on the computer and Melissa wanted to hang out. So we decided to go to Joe's. Sat around, like usual. But that's ok. I like the fact that I get to get away and hang out with all of them. Except when Brendan gets mean, like to Melissa. She doesn't deserve that.
When we were leaving, Ben decided he wanted to have a snowball fight, so I put on my gloves and we had one. I totally killed him!!! Pushed him in the snow and everything. But I think it's because I had an addvantage over him. He didn't have gloves or a winter coat on. But in the end I was the one who had to clean him off before he got in Brendan's car. But I'm not complaining.

Today we should have had a snowday. Stupid school. I had to walk in the street because noone shoveled their sidewalks. Walking in freezing rain is the best thing in the world!!! <~sarcasm~>

That's enough for now cause I gotta go say bye to my sister who's going back to school!!!
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