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Very interesting....

Wow, I’m pretty sure this one needs to be interesting, because you’ve been waiting quite some time for this next entry...

Now, where was I? Of course, I remember. Jackie had just arrived at her secret hide-away. With the flip of a switch and some pressing of buttons, she started her machines. When all the noise had died down and there was silence, Jackie turned and saw it. The one thing that would help her more than anything else could. It was her incredible rocket ship. With time stopped, the missile was sure to be stopped in mid air. Jackie could not get up there without some sort of spectacular piece of machinery. Her rocket, the JVM 329, was her only hope at this point. After turning off the security system (remember how I told you Eastpointe isn’t the safest place, for heavens sake, there’s a missile heading toward it!), Jackie was ready to get set up in the JVM to defend the city against the threat of destruction.

While starting up the engine, Jackie made sure there were supplies and such in order for her to do her job. After she arranged her rocket for takeoff, Jackie was finally ready. She was anxious and nervous at this point for she wanted to be sure she completely destroyed the missile; she didn’t want to lose her friends (or be responsible for so many deaths).

Flying into the sky, a feeling of weightlessness came over Jackie. This feeling created a calm over her body. It made her relaxed, prepared to destroy this nuisance. Getting closer and closer to it, she pressed more buttons. The destruction sequence was ready. Just the touch of a red button was all that needed to be done to get rid of the missile. As she flew closer to it, she noticed something odd...

This was no ordinary missile. It had some strange markings on it. “What could those be?” Jackie asked herself this question. Putting the right information into her rockets computer database, she tried to figure out what these strange markings could be.

Are they some sort of message from aliens? A sign from the gold people in California? Something much more important???

Do you think you know what it means? Jackie needs all the help she can get to help figure out what to do next!!
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