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Let’s see, where did we leave off? Oh yes, a missile is headed for Eastpointe (and Warren, sorry guys) and there is only one person who knows about it and can actually do something.

"It's supposed to be a last resort but it must be done. I have to do the unthinkable and use my secret agent abilities to stop this thing. They are deadly and can only be used for dangerous adventures. I would say this is plenty dangerous. Plus I need to make sure they don’t get rusty.” With that, Jackie took out her special agent communicator that she had just used. It was a very useful machine, allowing her to contact her headquarters, look up things on the Internet, and even play solitaire and Bejeweled 2. With the flip of a switch, Jackie had one of the most awesome powers in the palm of her hand. She was able to stop time. Of course nobody knew that anyone could have such power, but as a secret agent (at a high level too) Jackie had so much more power than she seemed. As they say, looks can be deceiving.

Stopping time is an incredible thing. Jackie knew she could not mess with the forces of nature for too long, but this was a real emergency. But she did use this power to a great advantage, just for fun. She went outside and set up the texas hold’em game to make sure she had a fair chance of beating all those boys (and one girl). Now don’t look at me like that. It’s not cheating, it’s using time wisely.

Jackie took another look at her communicator. She needed to get that missile taken care of, for the longer you stop time, the harder it is to get back into the swing of things when back to normal. So she turned some dials and pushed more buttons. Out of nowhere, a loud bang was heard. This sound had no effect on Jackie, for she knew what it was. She had summoned her special agent car, the Miller Mobile .It was a black, stealthy looking car with great aerodynamics and also had some pimped out hydrolics. This automobile would take her to her secret hideaway where she would skillfully use her abilities to save her friends.

Of course, when time is stopped and no one else knows about it, Jackie didn’t need to take her time getting there. It wasn’t too far, but she still felt the need for speed. “It’s Miller Time.” Pressing down on the accelerator, Jackie weaved her way in and out of traffic, passing cars with elegant ease. She did have to slow down once, but that was to stop so she wouldn’t hit an old lady crossing the street (there seems to always be old ladies crossing streets when a fast car is heading their way). After safely moving the woman, Jackie jumped back in her car and headed for her hideaway.

Arriving at her undisclosed area (you thought I would give away the spot didn’t you?), Jackie parked her car, and locked it (despite what they tell you, Eastpointe can be very dangerous). She plopped down in her chair and made some Chai Tea while she waited for her computer to start up. It didn’t take long, both the tea and the computer, and she was set. She clicked on a few icons and it started. Machines buzzing, gadgets twirling, and finally it happened. She looked behind her and saw it...

What did Jackie see that was so important to her mission?? Maybe if you comment enough, I’ll finish this story in time for Eastpointe to be safe. Oh and maybe Warren too...
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