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Looks Can Be Deceiving...

This story is dedicated to Ben, who is forcing me to do it against my will ;)

Sitting on her front lawn during a beautiful summer day in Eastpointe, a young woman named Jackie was wondering what she was going to do for the day. Go hang out with her friends? Sew something? Possibly catch up on a little reading? Maybe she was just going to get her bathing suit on and catch some rays. Finally she called up her friend and see if they wanted to go swimming, that way should could hang out and still get that beautiful tan she wanted. So it was decided Jackie would meet her friends at Joe's house to have a little fun.

After getting ready, Jackie called her boy Ben to have him pick her up, as usual (cause she always bummed rides off him) and they drove over to Joe's. When she got there, she was so happy to see her friends, Joe, Jared, Bri, Kevin, Brendan, Charlie, and Melissa (who she was actually surprised to see, for the fact was Melissa was now usually hanging out with her "other friends" a lot more :-P ) So they got settled in and God (Mrs. Baker) had set out a beautiful buffet of food. Jackie was all set to have a fun day.

After swimming for a little while, everyone decided to just chill on the lawn and play some texas hold'em. But before anything big happpened, Jared looked into the sky and saw something. "Could your dad figure out what that star is?" he asked Jackie. "I'm not sure, it's strange to see one out during the day". So everyone got back to the game. Everybody but Jackie. She was still thinking about that "star". It struck her as very odd. "I'll be right back, I need to... umm... I need to call my mom." So she got up. "That won't be odd to them cause I always have to call my mom," Jackie thought to herself as she walked to the house.

Once inside, Jackie went through her things and picked up this odd machine. Checking to make sure nobody else was around, she pushed a couple buttons and the machine turned on. "Hello this is Agent Miller checking in. There seems to be some sort of strange object heading towards the city. I'm not exactly sure what you need me to do." Static. Thats all she heard. "Alright I have to do this on my own. Let me check out what this thing is." More buttons pressed and now she knew. It was a missile heading straight for Eastpointe. "Those gold people in California think they can test their missiles on a small, unknown town like Eastpointe (and Warren)? I don't think so." I'm pretty sure you all think you know what will happen next. Jackie will call her military friends and they will fix everything. And that will be the end. Or that she won't be able to do anything and everyone in Eastpointe will die.

But you're wrong either way. As the missile plummeted down towards her and her friends, Jackie's mind raced. What do to, what to do? She had no contact with the military, for she had no special cell phone to do that (it was still being mailed to her). And she couldn't just sit there and let everyone die.

"It's supposed to be a last resort but it must be done. I have to do the unthinkable and..." Do you think know what will happen next???
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