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THe harder I keep running, the more you waste my time...

Let's see, I'm sitting here in my basement, freezing my butt off, and kicking butt at bejeweled 2.
Today was alright. Last night I tried to convince my mom to let me stay home, but no. Darn! NHS, boring and my stomach hurt cause I was hungry. In first hour we are starting to sew, but they are pin cushins. I am so bored in that class. I can't wait to get to the harder sewing projects. Ummm... band was interesting because of Gattine. Wow what he told us he gave up for lent made me laugh so hard. Just thinking about it makes me laugh. HAHA!! I gave Aaronn his book (which he liked) and we played our festival music. After lunch I had the worst headache so I came home and slept. It was very nice.
Ben came over and we watched Donnie Darko. That movie is so strange. The bunny was the weirdest part. Some of the parts that he showed up in made me jump, just because he was so creepy looking. But Ben had to leave early for hockey. Go figure they didn't play cause there was a tournament at skateplex. Darn, we could have finished the movie together!!!!

Anyways, my friend Red called me, and he is one of the very few people I can talk to for more then 5 minutes on the phone. It was nice talking to him though. I guess I'm supposed to call him Sunday so him, Julia and me can go to the movies. I guess I have to call him or else he's gonna come over her and punch me in the face (his words exactly). That'll be fun (the movie not the punch in the face).

This weekend seems like its gonna be so busy. Band Festival tomorrow, gotta be at the school at 12?? Then my mom is gonna take me to JoAnn's so I can buy some Simplicity patterns (only $.99) YAY! That means I'm gonna be looking for patterns to put together my prom dress. Then I gotta look at fabric. I'm thinking blue/turquoise cause it will make my eyes stand out. But thats it as to prom. It is only March. But who says a head start isn't a good thing. Anyways, mom's taking us girls shopping for shoes and pants and such also. Plus Jess will be home so she'll be shopping with us. Awesome.

Well my head hurts and this is getting long. And I'm pretty sure Ben is the only one who reads this so next time I might just address him directly in it. Whatever...

I'm done now
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