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I was just looking at my last entry. I haven't updated in about a month. I've come to realize that I get into something really quick then just as fast, I just stop doing it. lol Oh well!

The only thing I can really think about right now is the fact that I CAN'T wait to get out of high school. I'm scared of course cause college is gonna be different and I'll be pretty much on my own, but I have just been so uneasy at school and even at home. It's weird. the only time I feel comfortable or relaxed is when I'm up in my room listening to music or hanging out over Ben's house or even just being lazy hanging out with friends. I think I have senioritous really bad.
I know for a fact that I will get homesick but I need a change, something new, something... different. Make sense???

Ok now that I have vented a bit, let's move on. Actually I don't know what else to write. That's the main reason I don't write in this thing anymore. I don't ever want to write anything in it.

Whatever, I'm done!
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