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Jello is good when it's 10 at night!!!

Eating Jello and trying to figure out what to write. I was pressured into doing this so if it's a boring, no good entry, then blame it on Ben!!!

Typical boring day. I was dead tired all day in school. I slept in band, a little in research paper, and was out all through calc. I feel bad when I fall asleep in that class, but at least I'm keeping my grades up in there. Speaking of grades, does anyone know when our grades will get to us?? I want to know what I got. Guess what I got to do all 6th hour?? Stuff envelopes that are gonna be mailed to everyone in the school. It was a blast! NOT!

When I got home from school, I tried so hard to keep myself from falling asleep. So I went to my room and burned some yummy smelling strawberry candles. You can't fall asleep with candles burning. I don't want to be responsible for the fire that destroys my house. I also started thinking about a workout routine for myself. Don't worry I'm not one of those girls who are obsessed with their weight and all that. Just want to get in a routine for staying healthy :)
Anyways, I had a day of wanting to do a whole bunch of stuff but ended up not doing anything I had planned (except a select few things). Like I wanted to start sewing SOMETHING but didn't. I've got so much I want to sew. Like PJ's, a dress, shirts, whatever. It's an urge I can't get rid of.

Ok now on the subject of Cinderella. Everyone's asking if I'm going. My answer?? "I don't know yet" It's not a question of getting a date, just of general wonder if I want to go. Will I have fun? Is it worth $45 a couple? Let me know so I can decide!! I've never been to Cinderella.

What else, I gotta make this long since "long entries are gooooood"
Tomorrow, lets see. Katie has a choir concert that I'm going to. Ummm... I'm gonna try to sew something lol. And whatever else happens. Being spontaneous can be fun!

That's all!!!!
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